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Machine of War

2011-01-19 16:23:41 by Mir-X

Well, looks like people wanted an industrial piece first, so I have delivered, albeit a little more industrial metal than I had originally intended. I personally really like it, so go check it out.

On the off hand, I've been working on a little secret, and currently only need to finish the mastering on it. I think everyone who liked Perfect Dystopia, will LOVE this. I'll probably release it in an hour or two. :D

P.S. Acoustic song coming soon.


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2011-01-22 14:26:37

Well, I can see how making it got boring. Not to say it's a bad track, but you should have stuck with your instincts on this one.


2011-01-30 09:14:48

Perfect dystopia is like. story of my life. :P